After training killer whales, and becoming a leader in the dog training industry, Joel Beckman is launching a Dog Trainer Academy to equip a new generation of dog trainers.

It is our mission at Beckman's Dog Trainer Academy to equip individuals to be the most talented, knowledgeable, confident, skilled and profitable dog trainers in the industry.



Gain knowledge in behavioral principals and training theory including operant conditioning, classical conditioning, shaping, fading, bridging, and more.  Know what your competitors are doing and understand the "why" behind different methods.  Joel will instruct and explain all behavioral principles and how to apply them when working with dogs and clients.



The only way to develop skills is through constant hands-on training with dogs. At the Academy, you will work with a variety of dogs in a safe and clean environment training basic obedience, behavior modification and developing skills with groups of dogs. You will learn first hand how to teach group classes, in-home training sessions and the effective methods behind board and train programs.

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Joel knows it is important to be a confident trainer--especially when dealing with difficult dogs and challenging clients. The Beckman Way embraces the philosophy that confidence comes through hours upon hours of hands-on work with dogs. At the Academy, you will be working with dogs constantly... during lectures, training exercises, group sessions and even while playing games. 



Most dog trainers train dogs as a hobby. Joel is one of the few trainers in the country who has built a large, vibrant, and profitable business that serves the public and his partners.  If you are thinking about leaving your full-time job or hoping to take your dog training career to the next level, Joel wants to share his methods with you! He wants you to be effective, successful and profitable!  

An expert level knowledge of behavioral principles and training theory, and the skill and confidence to deal with the most challenging dog and situation.

Joel and Liz have built a one of a kind dog training business. Be sure to check out Beckman's Dog Training website.

The Beckman's have developed a unique and effective method for changing lives.


After years of training experience with exotic animals and then establishing a highly effective and profitable dog training business, Joel Beckman has become passionate about training methods that truly help change dogs and people's lives. 

Beckman's Dog Training has worked with thousands of clients and dogs. Joel has built a dog training company that has taught dog training classes at 22 pet supply stores and 4 major doggie day care facilities. Joel has been going to people's homes for years helping them with their dog issues and he's built a one-of-a-kind board and train program.  

Now Joel wants to share all of this knowledge with you!

Beckman's Academy for Dog Trainers will give you the tools to work with any dog and any client--so that you have a safe and humane system for any situation, from fearful and aggressive dogs to walking into any clients home and knowing how to build an action plan.


Are you interested in becoming an expert dog trainer?


You will leave this program with expert level skills and knowledge. If you are looking to build a strong foundation for dog training, deepen your current level of knowledge or broaden your scope of knowledge, this program is for you. It is an intensive one-week program, so be prepared to dive into concepts and hands-on experiences that will prepare you to work with even the most challenging dogs and clients.

Who the Academy is for:

  • Current dog trainers who are ready to take their career to the next level
  • Persons who want to gain the knowledge and experiences to work with even the most challenging dog and client

  • Entrepreneurial spirited individuals who want to start their own dog training business

  • Individuals looking for the experience to join a dog training business

  • Dog daycare facility workers seeking to better understand group dynamics and dog body language

  • Folks who want to make a career shift to a growing industry and do work that changes people's lives

  • Managers in the doggie day care industry who want to expand their knowledge of training, body language, group dynamics, and their ability to handle fearful or reactive dogs

  • People who want to work for Beckman's Dog Training or Beckman's Academy for Trainers. 



Joel Beckman is (one of) the best.

While receiving an exotic animal education and training degree from Moorpark College, Joel Beckman devoted several years to training, caring for and performing with big cats, monkeys, camels, birds and many other exotics. At this one-of-a-kind animal program, Joel learned about conservation, educating the public, veterinary practices, proper cleaning procedures, animal ethics, entertainment and of course: animal training. This experience led to Joel’s next position as a Killer Whale trainer at SeaWorld, Orlando then SeaWorld, San Diego. This job not only allowed Joel to train and perform with Killer Whales, but it’s also where Joel met his amazing and wonderful wife, Liz. Joel uses positive reinforcement training. This is the preferred method for most marine mammal trainers, big cat trainers, therapy dog trainers, agility trainers, search and rescue trainers and many other animal training professionals.

Joel has developed a one of a kind unique dog training program that’s derived from his diverse education, training, and employment. With a deeply profound love for dogs and more than five years of Killer Whale training experience, Joel decided to bring his knowledge and expertise to training dogs. Joel is one of the most knowledgeable and skilled animal training professionals in the country. He is an expert on animal aggression--especially fearful and reactive dogs--and has a passion for animal training.

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Dear Prospective Trainers,
I have one goal for this school: that every student would be a successful dog trainer.  I have done the work to be the best at what I do. I’ve been in the homes, taught the classes, handled the fearful and reactive dogs and built the business.  Now I hope to share, through this academy, all the knowledge I gained.  I will share stories with you—so you don’t make the same mistakes I have.  I will share every single key to success that I know.  You will meet and work with Bosco and learn how to pick, raise, and use your own invaluable helper dog. You will work with many dogs and even be handling a dog during lecture times.  I strongly believe our methods prepare dog trainers to be successful out in the world.  Come join our community of dog trainers, you won’t be sorry.
— Joel Beckman

Join us for an intensive 1-week program

Join us in Ramona, CA for an intensive 1-week program, 8-5 pm everyday. 

In addition to all of the learning and fun of the one week program, you will receive:

Beckman's Dog Training is a unicorn in the dog training world. It's training methods, customer service, commitment to partners, a full range of services and the ability to train fearful, reactive and aggressive dogs is truly one of a kind.  Now Joel and Liz have turned their focus to creating a truly unique dog training Academy. 

You will also receive:

  • Beckman's certified certificate of completion
  • Listing on the Academy website for clients to find you
  • Access to the Beckman's Graduates Facebook Group & Community
  • Possible job placement

Our training philosophy: Positive Reinforcement (with a dash of practicality)

AT BDT we use positive reinforcement for all Basic Obedience behaviors. You may say “but I don’t always want to have treats on me” Good neither do we, we use treats for behaviors like, sit, down, and stay, etc. Then we fade out the treats as quickly as possible and add a “release” which becomes the reinforcement.

And we don’t even use treats for many behaviors, like wait at doors and loose leash walking and Jumping, because the reinforcement is “built in”. The reinforcement for not jumping is attention, the reinforcement for waiting is a release out the door and the reinforcement for not pulling is to continue on the walk. We feel that many dog trainers have gotten too reliant on treats. Joel knows his clients don’t want to use a lot of treats and we are committed to achieving this. On the flip side, we have never and will never use shock collars or prong collars. The reason is simple. Joel has seen these methods cause random, sporadic and intense aggression. Joel understands aggression, fear, and reactivity like no one else and knows the difficulties of extinguishing these behaviors. Therefore, we will never use these methods.

Joel realizes that those dog trainers who can help aggressive, fearful, and reactive dogs will be highly successful and who knows... they might even get their own tv show.  So Joel will go over this in detail with videos and examples from years of working with these animals.


Understanding group dynamics

Better able to read dogs and situations

Dog Body Language


All Important Behavioral Concepts

Classical & Operant Conditioning

Shaping, luring, chaining, capturing,  Fading, extinction, extinction burst, variability, fading, jackpotting, etc


Basic and "Advanced" Obedience

Dog Walking & Handling

Managing Group Dynamics

Hands-on training, even during lectures


Communicating with clients

Balancing privates & Group classes

Formula for being profitable

Customer centric approach to dog training


Raising and using a helper dog

Working with fearful & Reactive Dogs

Positive Reinforcement with a dash of practicality

O U R  P A R T N E R S

Creating mutually beneficial partnerships is rare for dog trainers.  Joel has been able to do this with one of southern Californians most successful companies, Camp-Run-A-Mutt, which has been expanding around the nation.  Time is spent at the Academy going over how to find, nurture and keep partnerships that are good for all parties involved.